We are the champions!!

We are the champions!!

Our local team ,Sanfrecce Hiroshima became a J-League champion on Saturday with one round remaining after a 4-1 demolition of Cerezo Osaka.It was Sanfrecce's first victory in 17 years.
 More than 32000 spectators came on a cloudy day at Hiroshima Big Arch last night.

I think the most popular sports in Hiroshima is baseball,and football is popular as well as baseball.
For your information, Hiroshima local baseball team is Carps! 

The numbers of guests who come to Hiroshima hana hostel to watch football game has been increasing recently.

A short while ago , Koh san from Malaysia bought a Sanfrecce's T-shirt at V-POINT Sanfrecce's official goods shop at DeoDeo electronics shop.

 Watching sports is a common pastime in Hiroshima.
Enjoy cheering for carps and Sanfrecce!!


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