Art island, Sakushima.

If you like modern art, I'd like you to recommend small island called Sakushima,
is located in Aichi prefetcure.

Before explore the island, you must go to the fish market!!

I tried fried squid, it was so good!!

It takes about 30 min by ferry to the island.

There is the area you can see the black wood walls.
It is very beautiful. It is tiny island here, but it is like a maze!!

I don't know why...I found the toilet in front of someone's house...??

You can find many arts while you walk.

These are my favorite:)

You can meet a lot of cats as well.

They are bit shy but so cute!!

You can collect cute stamps for stamp-rally.

I had a good time!!!

I hope you have chance to visit here.


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