Dancing Salsa, My Life Time hobbie

Hello everyone,

By now, many of my colleagues know that I love dance....

Yes, I should stop asking colleagues and some of our guests.....'Do you want to go out for Salsa Dance tonight??'

Yes, I know that not all people likes to dance and Latin Music but just because I love them, I cannot help inviting other people!!

Good thing about dance, especially salsa is for all age group can enjoy.

I have friends as young as 20's to almost 70's through Salsa.

What is your image to Salsa (Dance)?
These are what most of Non-salsa people imagine or think when talking about salsa:

①You need to dress up with frilled skirts
②Too sexy
③Too much body contact

That is not the case most of the time at lease where I go  : )

It's a great fun, very good exercise and great social opportunity so why not try for one time and decide whether you like it or not?

So please please, If I ever ask you to go to Salsa, please don't look at me like I am a nut....

Here is my favorite Salsa Band 'Ponte Duro'  I see their live performance most of time since I came back to Japan and they are great!!



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