Our night duty staff Tsubasa is leaving.

It is getting so cold these days. We are already in December! And this is the month which our night duty staff Tsubasa is leaving Kyoto Hana hostel. She has been here over a half year and it is time to leave for her. I am going to miss her so much for sure. She often took me out to enjoy Kyoto and Osaka. We have been to... Osaka Nakanoshima for 'Suito festival', Toji temple for a flea market, Art dive which is a event for young artist and north part of Kyoto to see autumn leaves...and more.. Then we are going to somewhere in Kyoto as our last short trip day after tomorrow. Hopefully it is not going to be rainy. We are going out even if it is rainy though! I think I am going to miss her dish as well. She sometimes prepares me meal when I am starving. Her dish is just fantastic. I am a big fan of it.
I will never forget her and her cooking ;) She is my first Taiwanese friend!


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