GO!GO! Shimanami Kaido Cycling ♪

Shimanami Kaido became one of popular tourist destination in Hiroshima.
 especially popular activity is  Shimanami Kaido Cycling.
"Shimanami-Kaido route" that is from Onomichi to Ehime.

You can rent a bicycle at JR onomichi sta.
Rental Fee would be 500yen (one day) for adult / 300yen (one day) for Child(Elmentary Student and under)

JR Hiroshima sta to JR Onomich sta

It takes about 90 min from Hiroshima sta to Onomich (sanyo lne) for 1450yen.

 In the city of Onomich, myriads temples and houses to the mountain slops.
climb up narrow,steep passages between houses or hop on a rope way gondra to visit the senkoji temple on the mountaintop.where the breath-ranking view of the seto Inland Sea rolls beyond the rows of traditional tiled roofs.

 Let's GO!GO! Shimanami Kaido Cycling !!


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