Gotta Try them!

It's already in 2013 now.. I still feel like in 2012. Gotta make my new goal for this year.
I will........stay healthy!
Hello from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, its Kana here. I guess I've gain few KGs due to new year drinking and food. Can anybody PLEASE tell me how to lose my weight.
I have discovered some nice restaurant near by Hana Hostel. They all located only 5 minutes walk from here, reasonable price and DELICIOUS.

The first place is Wine Bar "Django"

Prawn and Broccoli with Olive oil (On the above) is 580 yen, and and selection of appetizers is around 700yen. Red/White wine is from 490 yen!

 Second one is Japanese traditional restaurant "GENZO"

Lunch Set Menu "Sashimi Teishoku"  is 780 yen.

At last, Japanese IZAKAYA "NAMIHEI"

Really Really fresh Sashimi and seafood, also nice local  SAKE

I am really sure that you will enjoy them and love them, too! I will let you know how to get there.
I will keep on discovering nice restaurant for you and myself!!


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