Hana Cleaning Staff

At Kyoto Hana Hostel, there are 5 cleaning staffs.
Everyone has a different color, but looks good as one. 

Chi-chan is from South Korea, studying economics at one Uni in Kyoto. She so tender and charming that Miou(one of the receptionists) thinks of Chocolate brownie from her. She loves Kase Ryo (Japanese actor) . So do I.  And likes Sakurai Sho the most in Arashi (Japanese super idol group). So do I! Good taste:)

Da-chan is from Vietnam, studying sociology as a uni exchange student. She is really really hardworking and PURE. You don't even need to go to temples or shrines to purify yourself anymore. Just come here and worship her if you want to:)

Yuririn is the newest cleaning staff here. Her height is really small but she is really powerful at cleaning. I still do not know much about her as I haven't got much time to get to talk to her unfortunately, but the newest information on her I've got is that she likes macaroons.

Omukai-san is from Kyoto, been working here more than one year. She loves eating especially snacks. The idea that she would not eat rice anymore in her entire life if she has to choose between snacks and rice amazed me. The call  she made to me this morning that she asked me if I needed some fresh mushrooms amused me. FYI, mushrooms were real good.

Konitan is such a lovely and charming lady that always makes our  heart warm.
She loves cooking and making her own recipes. Her dishes always make our seasonal parties much more valuable. One of my favorites from her dishes is the meat balls she made for one farewell party last summer..Or it could be steamed bread with chocolate-chips in? Could be Omuraisu (chicken rice inside omelet). Love them all after all!

These lovely cleaning staff are waiting for you at Hana:))

It is a bit belated, but Happy New Year 2013!


Shin said…
l'm so happy to have such wonderful cleaning staff ;)

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