Happy New Year, everybody♪ It is the beginning of a new year!!

Happy New Year, everybody♪ It is the beginning of a new year!

How did you spend your Christmas and a Happy New Year?

 When midnight arrived we ate 'toshikoshi' soba noodles.
Eating toshikoshi soba at the end of a year is a popular custom in Japan.Many people eat soba noodles while listening to the bells, and wish for health and longevity in the year to come.

and then some of our guests and us went to a shrine and prayed.This is called hatsumode, the first visit to a shrine.Many Japanese people visit a Shinto shrine during the first three days of January in order to make traditional New Year's wishes for health and happiness.It was very crowded then It took about 20 minutes to the entrance of Shrine.

One of our regular guests "Mr Banzai Bean" has returned to Hiroshima Hana hostel to spend a new year holiday.

 He went to Miyajima 2 days ago and brought a  Hiroshima speciality souvenir " Shamoji" (Rice-spoons) .The cost was 530yen .He recommends all visitores to Miyajima buy the same souvenir.

 Me bean and the staff of Hana hostel Hiroshima wish every body a happy new year all the best for 2013!!!



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