Ikebana in the Home. Me and mostly the wife. xx


Ok so we are not professionals, but our mother is, and she give us some advice now and then. She suggests which plants to use and which colours go together well. 

When we gather all the materials from the garden or where ever we can get the, we select a vase and get chopping. Always cutting the stems under water helps them stay fresher for longer. Can you see the little snake next to the vase on the left side. He a finger puppet >.< これは一番好きです。色のコンビネーションはとてもきれいだと思います。小さい蛇さんを見えますか?蛇さんがしたを出しています。SSSSSSsssss。。。。。

This one was done in the spring time. You can probably see the blossoming flowers.  

And this one was arranged during Summer. Just a few flowers which grow in the garden every year.The white ones are every where. But they are very pretty. : D


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