Seacret Oyster Lunch in Miyajima

Miyajima is one of the most famous and fabulous sightseeing spots in Hiroshima. Itsukushima shrine is beautiful and Mt. Misen is great for a hike. It's so nice to get away from a busy city and get relaxed on the peaceful island. I've been to Miyajima so many times, but I still love it so much.


the another reason why I love about Miyajima is FOOD!

Miyajima has many delicious specialties such as conger eels caught in the Seto Inland Sea, steamed Hiroshima Beef buns, Momijimanju (sweet-bean buns which are shaped like a Japanese maple leaf) and lots of food stalls everywhere for yummy food.

And you cannot miss Oysters!
We have the biggest oyster farm in Japan and you can enjoy oysters throughout the year on Miyajima, but the best season is from around October to April. My favorite oyster restaurant there is KAKIYA (牡蠣屋). It's located on the main street and a modern and stylish oyster bar.

I always have "Kakiya Teishoku (Kakiya Lunch Set)" there.


It's actually their secret menu, so you cannot find it on their menu at the restaurant. In this lunch set, it's 2000yen and you can have little bit of all their oyster menu - barbecued oysters, deep-fried oysters, oyster rice, oyster miso soup, oil-packed oysters. It's so delicious and how they barbecue oysters in the front of the restaurant is pretty cool as well.

I hope everyone enjoys Miyajima and the local food as well! :)


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