Which is attractive? Invisible world or creative world?

This is Kimy from J-Stay. 

New Hostel in Fukuoka will be scheduled to open in March!
So one of new staff for Hakata Hana Hostel (NANA chan) takes on-the-jop training from this month here. 
On the other hand for start up our boss makes frequent business trips to Fukuoka. Whenever he come back Kyoto, he explained us numerous delicacy of FUKUOKA. 
One of them is the greatness of Squid sashimi there. It  is unbelievable yummy because of the geography. (Close to ocean) 

Thanks boss! I got one fruit of serendipity from you.
How many people did look at the first discovery of Giant Squid last Sunday?
NHK TV broadcaster presented the World first filming of Giant Squid in deep ocean among different researcher team USA and Japan. 
One Japanese oceanographer has been researching about their life of mode 10 years ago near the Ogasawara Islands. 
No one had encountered Giant Squid being alive in deep ocean until then.
In the 500km of deepth ocean Giant squid  appeared suddenly in front of deep submergence vessel (looks like Time Capsule of DORAEMON!!)
And then bite into prey (1 meter Squid bait) It was brilliant like gold and jewel. They have developed eyes for figuring out prey in darkness,( the size is 30cm!!)
There is still a lot of mystery.
How many year can be alive? 
How can they grow up so huge even though the lack of bait in deep ocean. 
It's invisible world. This great accomplishment inspired I had a dream to being oceanographer in my childhood.

Resource: How huge is the size!! Image of battle sperm whale vs. Giant Squid

After invisible world,today I got one creative world.
Thanks for my job I have many opportunities to meet people have different type of job from different countries. It's one of my pleasure. One client invited me salt demonstration art exhibition. 
Salt art? I can not imagine how to draw works. Salt means purification for Japanese so in temple, shrine and some house you can find small mountain of salt on the corner of entrance. 
The artist does not make drawing in advance. He draw layers of cells and net and line with simple plastic bottle for BBQ source as well as monk draw calligraphy or ink painting. 
In this time he draw without a moment's hesitation the size of 1.82m×25m during one week. 
After exhibition the salt he use (tons!), he bring back the most near ocean. I agree to his concept. The beauty is just instance.
After viewing this work, my energy was burn out at the same time my five senses are inspired too. I love art. 


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