Farewell to all my J Hoppers and Hana Hostel buddies.

I have worked at J Hoppers for well over a year and had an amazing time. This is mostly down to my work buddies Chika and Masa. They have been so amazing to work with, and have taught me so much. I am forever thankful. From my first training days right up until my last shift, they have always been there if I needed anything. And when you have two girls who are like sisters to work with, you cannot ask for anything better. It made my life at work, and in Japan really enjoyable. Thank you kindly.

If I was never given the chance by our awesome boss Iida San, then I would have never been able to meet you all. So he deserves lots of praise for giving me this opportunity and taking the chance with me. He is a true friend and a great guy.

Yamaguchi San has also been nothing other than a real gentleman when ever I have had the pleasure of meeting with him. And Im sure he will have plenty more fans now he has shown everyone his feminine side. A shoe in to becoming the next AKB member. Im sure if you were ever to
finish being an awesome manager, you would have no problem finding a job dancing in a bar somewhere.

And I could not go on with out thanking all the other staff members in Hiroshima who have supported me in many different areas. Suru San, Kawa Chan, Nishikawa Chan, Mayumi chan and Tei San when she worked with us. We had some busy times and everyone has pulled together to make it work. Cheers.

Our lovely neighbor Takeda San, who has to be one of the friendliest guys I have ever met. He was always darting in and out of his shop next door, and always exchanged pleasantries when ever we bumped into one another. I hope I grow up to be as kind and friendly as him.

I have decided to go to school and learn Japanese on a full time basis for one whole year. It will be 5 days a week for 7 hours a day. I will be a full time Japanese student at the YMCA Hiroshima. So this means that I will be only a few minuets away from Dobashi Station (Near JH Hiroshima). So I will be coming in to say hi as often as possible.

To everyone else, thank you all ever so much. You will all be truly missed and never forgotten.

P.S. If my performance at the 'Shine Ryoko' dressed as a lady has given anyone nightmares......I am truly sorry. >.< Im sure the pictures will come back to haunt me forever.



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