FUKUOKA Hana Hostel

J-Hoppers group will open FUKUOKA Hana Hostel on March 4th !!!

Chika, Kana (Both are the funniest staff from Hiroshima branch) and me went there for the viewing.
Ueno-san, who is preparing for the new branch with all his energy, and Hayashi-san, who is a funky carpenter, Both were at the busiest moment but they welcomed us! (Thank you!)

Fukuoka is the 4th biggest city in Japan and there are pretty much everything.

I is famous for Ramen with pork based soup. It has a thick broth and very tasty.
Nakasu is famous area for drinking, mostly with young girls.
Also there are Forever21 and H&M what we do not have in Kyoto.
Kyushu island where Fukuoka is has a lot of hot springs, volcano, beach...etc. 
.......Fukuoka is nice!

We hope that many tourists visit 『Fukuoka Hana Hostel - 福岡花宿-』 to enjoy Fukuoka, Kyusyu and the hostel!!!



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