muscle training?

Hello,it is Mio from Kyoto Hana hostel :) It's getting colder those days in Kyoto. However I get hot when I clean rooms for my working! Since we are always busy at the cleaning time! We need move in hurry! I was wondering that I have been getting much muscle than before since I started to work here. I thought that I was suppose to be got tougher because we do cleaning as jump around. Although I got strong muscle pain when I did break dance with friends last week. I don't dance usually but some of my friends loves dancing and they teach me how to dance. I'm really not good at dancing but I'm just loving to dance with them. It's nice to flex body except I get muscle pain each time after I dance. I can not add up why I got muscle pain even though I flex my body almost every day by cleaning here. May be I should be more stronger not to get muscle pain. I will practice dancing more and I won't run out of gas even when I clean so hard. I will cleaning with much more energy and I will get more muscle for dancing. It is the positive daisy chain which I will get ;) Here is the pose which I am practicing as below(It's called 'chair'!!):


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