Santera Mairi

"San Tera Mairi (Worship of Three Temples)" was held in Hida-Furukawa on Jan 15th.
It has more than 300 years tradition!!!

January 16th is Shinran’s (the founder of Jyodo Shinshu) death anniversary.
People went to the three temples to pray for him and remembering him.
That was the beginningof the San Tera Mairi.

At the Meiji and Taisho period, young girls had to walk over the Nomugi Pass to go to Shinshu to make money by spinning thread.
They came back to home for praying and went out to San Tera Mairi dressed up specially for that day and had a romantic meeting with a man.
The parents who were searching the bride for their son saw the girls and that was the occasion of many marriage. This story is sung in old song of Hida-Furukawa.

Today.. it’s known that your wish for love comes true and a lot of young people come to visit this festival. 

I hope my wish also comes true!!!

This festival is held on January 15th every year, please come to Takayama and visit this beautiful festival next time if you missed this time!!!!


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