Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana Hostel, it's Kana Here.

What comes in your mind first when you think about winter sport?

SNOWBOARDING, right??or skiing...
There are many awesome places for snowboarding in Hiroshima! You can go and enjoy it with your friends and family. Some places offer free lift ticket for the kids!! I wish I could be younger than my nephew who is only 8 years old...

I went to GEIHOKU KOKUSAI in mid Jan. Was first time of this year so I was way to excited!!

Left Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Exit 8:30 and got to Geihoku Kokusai at 10:30.
Save energy for the snowboarding so slept on the bus! 6500 yen for return and also lift ticket for all day.

 Haya got rental ski set at Geihoku Kokusai. As you book your bus ticket, also ask for rental clothes or board, then you can get a discount!

 From 10:30am-4pm wasn't long enough but I had awesome time. I will try some other places next week and let you know where is better!

From Hana Hostel to Shinkansen Exit is about 10mins walk so, enjoy winter sport and hae great rest at Hana Hostel!


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