Hi, this is Meg from J-Hoppers Osaka.
My co-workers already know that I am super crazy about coffee.
I've been studying and researching for a long time so
let me write little thing about coffee.

Do you know how many cups of coffee a single coffee tree can make for a year?
It is only 450g that means only 45 cups of coffee.
It takes at least 3 year to grow and to be ready for a harvest from a baby plant.
The coffee bean comes from the cherry or berry of the coffee plant
which is actually plant’s fruit.
It is produced after the withering of a white flower.
Each cherry consists of two seeds (beans) surrounded by pulp and skin.
The cherries are green at first and turn red when they are ripe.
They take 6 to 14 months to ripen, depending on the species of tree.


I usually drink at least 2 cups of coffee for a day.
That means 730 cups of coffee for a year.
I need more than 16 coffee trees just for me.
How about you?
A total, there are 10 million hectares of lands and 15 billion coffee plants in the world.

Did you know there are coffee farms in Okinawa and Ogasawara.
I don't know it is tasty or not.
Well, I let you know when I try.

I'm grateful for nature's blessings and farmers.
It is hard work!


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