music which playing at the reception

We play music at the reception. What we are listening could be a good start to have a conversation with guests. Actually I get questions which is like 'What is this song??' from guests few times especially when I'm playing Japanese music. What I've got asked before are>> Gen Hoshino(星野源) UA Ukulele Gibri(ウクレレ ジブリ) Maria Takeuchi(竹内まりあ) Qululi(くるり) Tabito Nanao(七尾旅人) Halcali(ハルカリ) Fishmans(フィッシュマンズ) Hanaregumi(ハナレグミ) and more.. It is fun to know what they get curious, cause they find something feel good in the music without understanding the lyric meaning. I feel like weird that I've ever and never be able to listen Japanese music like they do. Have you ever got any like this experience(becoming like some music without knowing the meaning) when you were in other countries,by the way?? I have had one. I got a CD which include a song I loved when I was in China but I still don't know the song story. For now,it would be nice to ask the meaning to my friend who speaks Chinese or it also would be nice not to try know it and just enjoy the music.


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