Sumo in Osaka

We went to watched Sumo Tournament
 at Osaka Gymnasium yesterday.

When we got there, so many people were waiting outside.
So we asked a gentleman what he is waiting for.
He answered
"Yokozuna (grand champion) "Hakuho" is coming soon!"
How exciting!!!!!

 We waited for a while....
His disciples are waiting for his arrival as well

 Finally here he comes!!!!
He looks absolutely great and shining...
He is such a dignified person.

Inside the stadium, there are life sized photo of Hakuko (West Yokozuna).
I was so excited even he was made by paper.
East Yokozuna - Haruma fuji
There are many people and I saw many foreigners too.
It was first time for me to watch professional sumo match

Rules of Sumo are easy to understand and each match is so quick.
Normally I don't watch them on TV, but it was so enjoyable!

The boy with fan is a big fun of "Kyoku Ten Ho".
He was soooo excited to cheered him!!

One of wrestler's (Koto Sho Giku) juniors came to cheer him!
The last match of a day.
Hakuho VS Kise No Sato
I got goosebumps when everyone shouted to cheer them.
It was a beautiful moment...

Me and Hideko really enjoyed watching Sumo!
I will go there to see it next year for sure!

Today (the 22nd of March) Hakuho became a champion.

But there are 2more day left, so I hope he will won the championship
with a perfect record!!



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