Tatami Mats

Tatami Mats are Japanese traditional floor mats are thick, and made of bundled straw and covered with tightly woven rushes called igusa.

Japanese people started to using over 13 hundred years ago.

Do you know the size of tatami(one piece)?
It is usually about 190 centimeters long by 95 cms wide, and 5.5 cms thick.

We often indicate the room size as "how may pieces of tatami mats could be placed? " instead of using "square".  I personally think it is more complicated but can not change in most of the situations because this culture is strongly taken the root in Japanese life.

(let me inform you all floors of the private room of Kyoto Hana Hostel are covered by the 6piecies of Tatami:))

The patterned fabric tapes are stuck on the edge.
 Older Japanese people sometimes say not to step on the edge of tatami, but Why?

I found this reason today, in old time, family emblem are designed on  fabric tapes. Those emblems symbolize their ancestors are believed as they could protect their home and family.

It is always interesting to research one thing  that I've already know about.
Knowledge does not end!


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