Tsunoshima Island in Yamaguchi

Hello there!
It's Masa from J-Hopprs Hiroshima.

The weather has been lovely with spring sunshine these days, so I had a day trip to an amazing island the other day. The island is called "Tsunoshima" and it is located in the north west of Yamaguchi Prefecture (4 hour drive from Hiroshima city). I heard a lot of good things about the island, so I have always wanted to go there... It was much more beautiful than I expected!

The 1,780 meter long bridge to Tsunoshima from Houhoku Town crosses over the shallow emerald ocean and brilliant white sand that separates the island from Honshu.

There is a long beach on the island, so you can enjoy swimming, BBQ and camping in summer time!

I had a seaweed flavored ice cream. It was... okay!

It would be really nice to come back in summer time.
I would definitely love to have a camp next time!


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