Its getting warmer in Hiroshima now. Its time to eat lunch out side under the sun.
Hello from Hiroshima HANA Hostel, its Kana here.

Let me introduce new Hana Hostel in Fukuoka!
We have 3 Hana Hostel in Japan. One in Hiroshima since 2008, one in Osaka since 2012, and this year, we have new Hana Hostel in Fukuoka.

Me and Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima and Tamtam from J-hoppers Kyoto had been to Hana Fukuoka before newly-opened this end of Feb.
Took us to get there was 4 hours by high way bus from Hiroshima bus centre(7500 yen for return), Hana Fukuoka is located very easy and convenient place, only one bus stop from bus terminal!!

 Located in the central of Hakata 's dowtown "Nakasu"
You will never get bored!!

Ramen is one of speciality food in Fukuoka. To get more detail, come to reception! Our members in Fukuoka will give you the best recommendation!! 

It was only 2nights in Fukuoka, but we all have comfortable stay. Many things there are few minutes walking distance! Conviniencee store, supermarket, restaurant....etc..
If you have not decided your trip plan, come to Fukuoka and stay at Backpackers Hostel::Fukuoka Hana Hostel!!
And stop by both Hiroshima and Osaka Hana after!! We are always welcoming you all!!


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