"Let's visit sake breweries and have a taste of Saijo sake."

 Several regions in Japan are famous for great sake production ,and Saijo is the one of great Sake places which is truly one of the finest sources of superior sake in Japan.

Sake is made from rice and water. But to brew the best sake, both must be pure. Saijo is blessed with an abundance of ideal sake-brewing water that comes from local wells that have been famous for generations.

In Saijo, 9 sake breweries reside in close proximity around a neighborhood called Sakagura Dori. 

I live in Saijo and I take my friends to Saijo sake breweries when they come here.
We go Sake-hopping about 6.7 sake breweries,so I always get squiffy and go back to my house,hahaha:)

One of My favourite Sake breweries is Hakubotan which is One of the oldest breweries in Hiroshima.The sake is known for its clean finish and elegant taste.And the staff have a good knowledge of Sake,so talk to them about it (^^)

At Hana hostel Hiroshima, We have a Sake tasting night every Wednesday and Sunday.

 Our manger Haya chose some nice Hiroshima Sake . Let's enjoy it together!!


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