Must do it in Japan!

I really love my country! Then I want you to know Japan more!
Not only the surface, please feel and try Japanese spirits!

Today, I recommend 3 things you must do in Japan!
I am very happy if you will be impressed our culture.

First, "Robotic massage chair".

This chair is awesome!
Massaging your body and take your tiredness off!
You feel you are on a baby cradle.

Almost all public bathes have this chair.
Usually 10mins is 100 ~ 200yen.

 Second, "Washlet"or
toilet seat with bidet that sprays water from underneath and dries with air.

I wont explain any more, just do it!

Nowadays they flash like this, ha ha.

 Third, "Lying on Tatami for a while".

Tatami is a Japanese floor.
Its core is made of straw and the surface "tatami-omote" is made of dry stalks of rushes "igusa."

These smell is so good!
You will feel warm in winter and cold in summer.

Lying on Tatami is very comfortable!
I really like it. I might be a cat like her...!!


Please try these 3 things in Japan.


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