♪ New Hiroshima Hana Hostel Member YUNO ♪

The weather has been really unstable in Hiroshima recently. Getting warmer for spring, but all of sudden got really cold and North of Hiroshima had snow....Really weired but goot to see snow again.

Hello from Hiroshima HANA Hostel, this is Kana Here.

Let me introduce our new member here today! Her name is Yuno from South Korea, but she speaks English and Japanese fluently. I feel like she speaks better than my Japanese sometime..

I asked her for photo, but she is too shy to take it now but NEXT TIME when she is ready..w

She is now helping cleaning, our regular party, and my Korean! I used to study Korean long time ago but I already gave up.. But she teaches me Korean almost everyday. She is my Best korean teacher ever!!!
This is her first day of our regular party!!

All of our staff already like her alot even she has been here less than a week. We love her friendly personality.
We had little welcome party for her after regular party and we had goot time all together!

Wish she could stay here longer but she is leaving in mid of may to Fukuoka and flight back to South Korea. We will all miss her.
So I have decided to study Korean really hard while my best Korean teacher in Hiroshima!
Please come to Hiroshima to meet our new member before she leaves!!


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