Osaka Hana Hostel Event calender

Hello! This is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel!

Our hostel has more activities since opening and we want to tell the guests what we recommend to join,see and visit,
but sometime we forgot to mention about these events.....

So, we decided to use the wall of the reception for Event Calender of this week!!

After we made this calender, we have got more questions about our events!!

For example....

We have Osaka Castle Tour on Mondays.
This is the free tour by Michys, awesome volunteer national tour guides.
Reservation is required, and what you need is the transportation fee from our hostel to Osaka Castle, the admission fee for Osaka Castle (600yen) and your lunch.
They will show you around the Castle, Park and they are so knowledgeable and friendly!

Mikko-san giving information about Osaka
at the top of the Osaka Castle.

And on Tuesdays we have an International Exchange Party,
all the guests who staying our hostel can join this event for 300yen.
We have Takoyaki party (Osaka soul food- octopus ball),
You can make your own Takoyaki !

This is so good!!!

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) party,
Okonomiyaki is also famous food in Osaka.
This party is so much fun and we got more guests join this event.

We hope it helps you to make the plan during your stay with us.
Please feel free to ask us what is happening in this week!! 


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