Azumino -beautiful place with stunning nature-

As I decided to travel Japan as many places as I could this year,
I went for refreshing 2 days travel to Nagano prefecture.

Nagano is famous for Soba, Apple, Matsumoto castlle, and great nature like in Kamikouchi , and in Azumino.

It was a lovely sunny day, contrary to the rainy cold day in kamikochi (was still beautiful though!).

Me and my friend start our day with cycling around in Azumino(rental cycle shops are easily found near the Hotaka station ”穂高駅”which is the place you get off when going around Azumino).

Great mountain, beautifully clean air, flowers...and amazing ice cream at one farm..everything was just perfect!

There are some nice museums for like Japanese/world picture book, but just wondering around without any specific plans was our plan, so we were relaxing among those great natures..


Many people from overseas say that Japan is busy and crowded place, this could  be true for some aspects, but we also have wonderful wonderful natures like we do in Nagano!

If you ever have a chance, please drop by Nagano after Kyoto:)


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