Cat cafe

Do you know "Cat cafe"?
I have been asked where a cat cafe is in Osaka by a guest, so i have searched but only the place, not cat cafe itself.
The reason is I am actually not a big fan of cats, second is I though cat cafe is just the cafe you can bring your  own cat and have a coffee and hang out.

I have a dog cafe near my place and that is the cafe we can bring our dogs, so I though cat cafe is same way.
BUT it's actually different!!!!!!!!

When I talked with one guest who went to cat cafe in Tokyo, I found out cat cafe is the place to play with cats!
I was surprised about it.
So I searched about cat cafes!
You can play with some cats using some toys, you can take pictures with them.
Costs usually 1000yen for an hour, you can spend a great time with some cats!

I will introduce some cat cafes!


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