Green, Green, Green!!! My best season in Kyoto

Rainy season came yesterday in Kansai Area. It was 10 days earlier than usual.
Everyone hates this season because it is humid, less than sunshine and we feel melancholy because of cloudy and raining weather all day. 

But I love this season!
Because now is the best season for making plum brandy And Homemade pickles!

 And NEW TEA Season!!
On  my last day off, I went to Tea factory Tour of MARUKYU KOAYAME EN in Uji with my friends. We love tea!! This company invites  reserved guest to factory in this new tea season.

To make tea for Maccha, there are many different and hard process. Basically  after pick up new leaf by hand, steam immediately

steam tea leaf looks like spinach
  Next  dry and Select new leaf, old one and stem by fan

I forgot to getting permission to use this picture from friends! We enjoy Macha and Houzicha(Roast Tea) ice cream!
             Tea does not need border in East Asia!
One day I prepared new green tea that I bought last time to Taiwans Guest who served me Taiwan's tea 30 yeas ago. I recognized Tea helps to make good relationship and humanity.

Last is Green landscape!
I went to Moan Cafe(茂庵)at Mt. Yoshida with my friends. From this cafe we can enjoy Green landscape (Full of Nishiyama Mountains!), fresh air and wild birds song! They serve season's dishes. This time Salmon sushi with green vegetables in season grilled chicken with Japanese pepper and Salad.(I forgot to taking picture ; )

This rainy season I want to visit Kokedera Temple, Word Heritage! I already reserved one day in June.
It is one of My ways to enjoy this season! To be continued......


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