Visiting Nara

I went to Nara to see beautiful wisteria at Kasuga Taisha.
The first thing that I did in Nara was to stop by Bolik Coffee 
which a friend of a friend works.
I always wanted to visit there and I finally could make it this time!
They make really good coffee, spacious inside, nice atmosphere and music.
I enjoyed talking to friends and having great coffee.
I spent too much time there and almost forgot about Kasuga Taisha.
When I got to Kasuga Taisha was 30 minutes before it closed.
Kasuga Taisha in this season is very famous for "Sunazuri wistaria"(wisteria trellis).
It is an old historical tree that is more than 700 years old with long hanging tassels that almost reach the ground, from which its name was derived.
The contrast of the light purple flowers with the vermilion of the main hall of the shrine evokes an elegant beauty.
 I was little late for the season but it was still beautiful and could see them all around.
I had a great time in Nara. If you have a  chance to visit Nara, try Bolik Coffee!


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