1Q84 ~Haruki Murakami~

Do you have any favorite author? I'm not really reading books a lot usually but I have some favorite authers. Eimi Yamada and Banana Yoshimoto are some of them. What I love is something in usual life. Something simple knocks my heart silently. I don't need something very dramatic or dynamic. I don't prefer something complicated to understand. This is why I was not interested in Haruki Murakami. He is very famous author in Japan though. His stories always include something complicated and seem like have foreshadowing. It is totally opposite of my favor. However some of my friends are big fan of him. As I got interest himself by reading his article on the newspaper little while ago,I asked my friend to lend his book. Then I started to read his book named '1Q84'. The story is actually complicated(not my taste) but I can not stop reading somehow. It may be there are too many things that are unclear on the mid-flow in the story. That's kind of fun to guess and solve what's going on. His stories are not really enjoyable but there is something catch peoples' heart. You can try it if you have never try his books. I think the most famous one is ’Norweigian Wood'.


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