Let's make Ume Syrup ♪

The rainy season, known as Tsuyu in Japan, has begun.
 the rainy season comes Ume . Ume (Japanese plum) is associated with the season that the word tsuyu literally means "Ume rain": 梅雨.

Do you know Umeshu?Umeshu is a liqueur made by soaking unripe plums in crystal sugar and Shochu.Recently, Umeshu is very popular among young women and It is one of my favourite sakes in Japan. but...I can't drink alcohol now and I decided to make Ume Syrup with Umes from my friend this time.

*Clean the jar with water and let it dry.
*Wash the ume in water, and throw away any mouldy fruit and de-stem them.

*put them in a plastic bag
*leave them in the freezer for a day

 *Begin layering rock sugar and plums such that the plums aren’t crowded by other plums and are evenly dispersed in the rock sugar. This is easily done in layers of alternating plums and sugar.
(When you make Umeshu, gently pour the shochu over the plum and sugar mixture. )

-a day after -
*Once a day, take it out and gently shake the jar to help the rock sugar dissolve.
I’ve finished! Leave it in the cupboard until it’s ready.

I can't wait to drink it....
Other types of fruits are being mixed with Shochu so as to create fruit wines, and along with umeshu, many people are making them at home for alcoholic health drink.

I will try to make  other types of fruits one next (^^)


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