Lunch Recommendation near Hana Hostel

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana Hostel. Its getting hotter and hotter now in Japan and I am already planning my trip for Summer!!

Hana Hostel is located 5 minutes walk from Hiroshima Station, there are many place to eat.
Let me tell you some nice place to satisfy your stomach !

At 1st, This is my most favourite noodle restaurant "KAIRI" only 5 minutes walk from Hana.
Okonomiyaki is well known as Hiroshima's speciality food, but TSUKEMEN is also one of Hiroshima's speciality food Dip cold noodle into Spicy soup.

Try Hiroshima Style Tsukemen!! You can chose how spicy you want, I usually have spicy level 3.

MARUBIYA is located about few minutes walk from Hana. It is located in the middle of traditional Market. You can see Japanese old style market which might be one of great experience.
They have daily lunch special, its about 700 yen. Marubiya is really small restaurant has only small counter, about 10?? seats.

But atmosphere reminds me Japanese good old days, and I am quite sure you will like it, too!
When you visit Hiroshima, please ask us any other recommendation to satisfy your stomach! 


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