Many Thanx to YUNO!

Konnichiwa from Hiroshima Hana hostel, its Kana Here.
Its getting hotter for the summer ! Can't wait for all the summer activities!

We sometime have free accommodation staff. As I introduced on the previous my blog, we had a free accommodation staff from South Korea. Her name is Yuno.

Even though she was here for a month, all our staff loved her a lot and felt like she was with us more than few months.

She helped with us cleaning the room, entertaining the guest with Sake (we have sake tasting every Wed and Sun), and Okonomiyaki.(we have regular party every Thu)

 Also we had many opportunity to drink together, because both of me and her like drinking A LOT.

 We visited SAIJO (famous for Sake brewery) together for sake tasting which was really enjoyable.

There are more and more good memories about her and we all missing her. She is in Fukuoka Hana Hostel as a free accommodation staff and leaving in few days.

I really thank to get to meet and know her at Hana hostel. This is one of the best reason to work here to meet many people from all over the world!!!

Thanks Yuno!! See you soon in Korea!!


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