Coming out Ghibli Film "Kazetachinu (The Wind Rises)"

New Ghibli film by directore Hayao Miyazaki is coming out on July 20th! It is the first film for Ghibli on the actual war in the course of Japan moving from Taisho to Shouwa period, which its main character modeled on the actual person. Different from all the other Ghibli films, It is the half non-fiction human drama story which is enough to make the director cry when he first watched the completed film. (and this was his first time to cry by his own films) The voice actors are really surprising, starting from Anno Hideaki acting as the main character, Jiro Horikoshi, to the old Ghibli staff(American guy now back to USA) playing German guy singing is German. Also, the most surprising this for me is that the fact as many sounds in the film as possible is actually made from many consequences of human voice! Definitely worth going to the cinema for it! Every Wednesday is lady's day when tickets discounted to 1000 yen:) For males, don't be disappointed, 1st day of every month is also 1000 yen for anybody! Can't wait!


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