Geo Space Adventure 2013!!

Hello, this is Moco:)

I went to Hida Kamioka to volunteer guide at "Geo Space Adventure".

It is a event you can see inside of "Kamioka mine" and learn about Neutrino.

Only 1000 people can go there once a year from all over Japan!! ( In a lottery!!)

There is the place called "Super Kamiokande"inside of the mine.

It means "Super-Kamioka Neutrino Detection Experiment"

We had training in advance. ↓↓

Those are pictures of the event!!

Section1: History about "Kamioka mine"

Section2: "Heavy equipment"

Section3: Learn about "Neutrino" by Tokyo University.

A lot of famous people visited here, like Masatoshi Koshiba!!
(He jointly won the  the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002 )

Section4: About "KamLAND" and "Antineutrino Detector" by Tohoku University.

It was difficult, but I thought I'd like to know more about it!!


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