Mt. Norikura-dake

Mt. Norikura is part of the Hida Mountains and it is listed among the 100 famous Japanese moutains. It has 23 mountains and highest peak is 3,026m.

Mt. Norikura is kind easy to climb, you can go up to 2,702m by bus.

The easiest one is Mt. Maoh, it takes 15 minutes from the bus terminal (tatami-daira).

Last Monday I tried to climb to Mt. Kengamine, which is the highest one.

At first it was really foggy and I could not see anything, but when I got to the top of the mountain the blue sky came out!

This is the lake I could see from the mountain!

I could see many alpine flowers as well as animals!!!
They are so pretty!!!

Now is the best timing to see the alpine flowers!!!!

Please come to see them :D

It takes about 1.5 hours fromTakayama!
4,500yen for round trip ticket.
You will take 2 buses....

Takayama - Honokidaira

Honokidaira - Norikura

Nohi bus organize direct bus tours to Mt. Norikura.
This is the one. (Japanese ONLY)

Waiting for your visit :D


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