My home town Osaka.

I am currently working in kyoto but I am originally from Osaka. My high school and university are located in south part of Osaka,and I used to hung out with friends in the area. After I started to work in Kyoto,opportunities to go Osaka has been getting less though. Last week,as I got something to do in Osaka,I went there after long. I and Shiori(night duty staff in Kyoto Hana) headed for Shinsekai area to have some kushikatsu and enjoy Spa-World. Kushikatsu is one of famous food in Osaka. It is like deep fried BBQ,comes from 80yen one stick. You can see so many those restaurants there. We actually took 30min to pick one of them. Some of them have a line and some of them do not and it is kind of difficult to find nicer one from those so many. We pick one cause they had various menu more than 100.
It was really nice and we spent 2 hours for eating only kushikatsu. Next place,it is Spa-World just next to the kushikatsu area. We relaxed in fantastic atmosphere spa after we got full. They have Asia zone and Europe zone. Those zones take turn and change for male and female. We got Europe zone for female in July. Atlantis,Greek,Roman and more spa are available! If you have never tried it,it would be nice cause you can feel like traveling the world...for a little while.
My recommendation is Europe zone more than Asian as it more like foreign. When you are a bit tired of touristic places like ruins,castles,you can try Shinsekai area then for a break.


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Its good to be take the thing in very good shape! thanks!

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