Natural onsen

Have you ever tried real natural hot spring?

I went to Yumata onsen is located in Northern Alps, Nagano.
It took for 3 hours hike from Takase dam lake toSeiran hut in Omachi, Nagano
and another 20 minutes to natural hot spring.

It was so beautiful, the billow of steam rising from the shallow of narrow valley.

To enjoy this hot spring needs a shovel to dig, make own bath tab,
and draw the water of the river.
Adjusting to get nice hot water was harder than I thought.
I could not get in the first day because it was too hot on the bottom and too cold on the top.
The second day, the water of river rose because of rain from last night. 
The water turned to be just right temperature to get in.
I lcould lie in nice hot spring  with beautiful green in mountains.
It was the greatest hot spring that I've ever been!


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