New Vegan Cafe in Kyoto

This is Kimy from J-Stay (Guest house &Share House agency)
According to old calender day after tomorrow is the hottest day of year(Taisho) and full moon.
Old calender could tell us what I have to prepare for variable weather in advance. When we are in hot  summer best way to release heat of body is eating something hot, hot noodle and soup. Sweat is best cool down.
I tried to do, but girls love ice cream! And cold noodle give us appetite!!

Now I am crazy on vegan cuisine. My new friend from Mexico leads me into this new world 'vegan!
I preferred vegetable cuisine, I love Kyoto typical vegetables. So I want to introduce two vegan restaurants I went recently for future vegan guest in Kyoto.

 (2) Padma Cafe@ Marikouji street 
On this narrow street we will also find crazy bar, vegetable shop, Guesthouse, etc...
Two woman started this cafe from this March.
I have yoga class once every moth in this cafe, this restaurant serve lunch plate after yoga class. 
Peaceful lunch plate:1,000yen
-Organic Browin rice
-Tometo jerry with rice sauce
-Courgette tempura with basil sause
-Beats and white radish soup,
-Grilled Kyoto's Manganzi chile with soysause
-Steamed stem of taro potato with Morocco bean
-Fried tempe fermation beans with soy mayonnaise sauce.
-Spicy eggplants
Wow,  how variety is!


(1) Morpho cafe@Horikawa Kamichouzyamachi street  After treatment of acupuncture last month with my friend,  we really liked to yummy and health food. My friend brought me this vegan cafe.It was amazing also!
Luch plate:950yen
-Brown rice
-Kushi Katsu (Fried Vege meat )
-Sesame  Toju
-Raw dumpling
-Seawood with carrot 
-Potato salad with soy mayonesse
-Miso soup

I was full, Next time I want to try sweets here.


Shop link:

I hope I can cook soon soon. One of my purpose this year is learning Traditional monk food whose name SHOZIN cuisine.

Enjoy your summer!

I'd like to share a Google Maps link with you. Link: <,135.760031&spn=0.048918,0.049095&t=m&z=14&vpsrc=6&start=0&geocode=&msa=0msid=204437877505990599437.0004e203bbadf6bff487f>

See you soon!


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