I love Sushi-------!!
Sushi is fresh and super delicious!
You must eat if you are in Japan!

Today, I introuduce Shishi you may be do not know.
We often eat them! Please try :)

【甘海老 Sweet shrimp】
Sweet and small shrimps

【かずのこ herring roe
We often this this on new year day. We wish we have many kids like herring.

【うに sea urchin eggs
This taste is very unique!

【はも dagger-tooth pike conger
We eat this with dried plum.

【えんがわ Flounder Edge】

Famous sushi in Nara!

By the way, my favorite sushi is salmon.
Most of Japanese girls prefer salmon sushi.
Boys prefer Chutoro, Fatty Tuna.

I recommend going this Sushi restaurant when you come Osaka Hana Hostel!
A bit expensive, but more delicious than belt-conveyor sushi bar.


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