Get Kaiyu-tickets at Osaka Hana Hostel or J-hoppers Osaka!

Kaiyu tickets is really great tickts if you want to go to the Osaka Aquarium!

This tickets is an admission ticket with one day free Subway ride :)
Price is 2550yen for adults, 1300yen for kids.
Now it is on sale at Osaka Hana Hostel and J-hoppers Osaka!!!

I recommend getting this tickets even though you have a JR pass.

Because there are no JR station near the aquaruim.
You need to take subway from nearest JR station. Round trip fee is 460yen.

I recommend getting this tickets here.
Because we speak English.
You have to go to the ticket office to buy if you get them at subway stations.

I recommend this tickets strongly because you can skip ticket counters at aquarium.
You just put tickets into the entrance machine and go through it!

It is very handy and saving your money.



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