Illumination Night at Expo Park Osaka

This summer, it has been a really hot and humid one..... and did not feel like doing much and have not done much of summer thing....... so I thought do something and went to see the Tower of the Sun which is a amazing creation of Taro Okamoto and it happened to be a Illumination night!!!

I though It's so miss-matched to see disco mirror balls and lights up in the bush but it was amazingly done and fantastic atmosphere !!

The tower of the Sun was also lighted up and I can not have enough time to looked at it.

 This look is so amazing, It took my breath away......
 Disco mirror but no DJ.... : )
 Amazing back side of the Tower of the Sun.
This was built for EXPO '70 !!!
I actually did not know he had an another face!
Illumination thought the park, fancy ones!

The tower of the Sun is really fantastic and it is amazing during the day time, If you ever visit Osaka, I highly recommend for a visit ! 
The tower is symbolizing top face is for the future, bottom face is for the present time and back face is for the past....


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