"Sarubobo" gives you a good luck!

Hi, this is Chiaki from hostel close to Takayama station, J-hoppers Hida Takayama.
 I am a new staff from this April.

Before I came here to Takayama, the only thing I knew about Takayama is "Sarubobo".

Do you know "Sarubobo"?
"Saru" means monkey and "bobo" means baby.
So "Sarubobo" is a monkey baby doll which is as below.

Long time ago, this area is cold and not suitable for farming. So men went to another town to work and women took care of their children at home. However, they don't have enough money to buy some toys for children. So mothers made dolls(Sarubobo) for them to play. Mothers hoped their children's good health while they were making.
Now it has become a lucky charm for us.

And many guests ask us "why they don't have faces".
There is a one guess.
If they don't have faces, you can imagine. When you feel happy, you can see a smiling face on it. When you feel sad, you can see a crying face on it. So they can sympathize  with your feelings.
I think "Sarubobo" is not only cute but also has creativity.

Also "Sarubobo" has so many colors these days and they have meanings.

Red =  All luck
Pink = Love
Yellow = Money
Orange = Work
Green = Relax
Blue = Study
Purple = Long life
Black = Protection from evil
White = Calm mind

Please come to Takayama and get one for your souvenirs.
"Sarubobo" may give you a good luck!!

J-hoppers Hida Takayama Staff welcome everyone visits Hida Takayama :)
We also organize a half day bus tour to Shirakawago :)


Anonymous said…
Sarubobos are such cute mascots and they come in all colors and sizes!

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