Thank you, Wendy!!

One of our staff has left Osaka Hana Hostel this afternoon.
Her name is Wendy from Holland and she is super pretty and nice! 
Actually she always says "Super". I didn't realize but it becomes my favorite phrase now :)

I remember when I have met her first time on the stairs at Hana Hostel.
She has a such a big pretty smile (like sunflower)  and that made my heart so bright and happy!

We love her friendly character a lot and I have learned from her a lot to be happy and smile all the time that is most important thing to make others happy too.

Chef Wendy
While she has been with us for 2months, she offered to cook dinner for us which was so nice of her.
We had more time to get together and eat together in our living room and I feel the bonds of friendship was getting stronger.

It was really nice pasta!

I enjoyed our dinner with my colleague!
Last night (the 30th of AUG) was her last night at Osaka Hana Hostel, so she through the farewell party.
It was Japanese style BBQ party and many staff come to see her.
That showed how much she was loved by everyone !!

We had so much meat and vegetables, but we finished them all!
We had absolutely great time!

Thank you cake for Wendy!! She is Super Super cute!!
Thank you so much for being a part of our family and we never forget about you.
We hope to see you again in the near future!

Good luck with your study in Holland!!
We love you!!!


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