Kobe winery again!

Lots of green on a small hill surrounded by Kobe.
This is my second time to help my friend's coffee shop at the market in Kobe winery.
It is a small market but really nice to do in the nature.
We make fresh brewed coffee one by one.
Coffee aroma spread all around and it is a blissful moment. 

The good thing in winery is you can try something special only at winery.
We can try "heurige".
Brewing wine is fermented for  about 30 days with the addition of yeast to the juice of the grape.
Heurige is the liquid until completely fermented. 
Alcohol is 3-5%, sweetness of grape juice in the fermentation process.
We only could try it at there and only in this time!!
I had a really nice day off in the nature.
Next market will be in November!!


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