One best hiking spot: Kyoto trail From Ninose to Genkou-An& Onsen &Beer

Yesterday we found out Full Moon for the harvest moon day. Japanese people appreciate showing full moon offering sticky rice cake. 
After next 8 years we would get it again. 
One of my dream is admiring Full moon at Katsura Palace which is build for enjoying full moon reflected light of itself on pound as mirror.

In Kyoto there are many places to visit each season. I am from Kyoto. It is said that past three generation from Kyoto this person is real Kyoto-Gin (Original Kyoto People). But I have many place to not have been to yet.
Last holiday I went to hike to Ninose from Genkou-An which means East side of Kyoto to West side of Kyoto. Wow too long distance. I recognized it after checking with map now!

Our meeting point Demachiyanagi Station Eizan-railway at 8:40AM. Kirara express We always get on  I'm traveling when I get this train.

Here A picture is a worth more than a thousand of words.

We met big flog making us happy? It looks like figure toy
Ninose station our start

From Here

Sign of Trail road

After climing chain of mauntains I visit Himuro Shrine. Himiro means old fridge with ice. It is reffered to bring ice to imperial in summer. So we can get fresh and cold air.

After walking 8 hours later finally I arrived Genkou-an! But I could not get spirit to be brought toward spiritual enlightment. 

wild plant give sign it is changing season
After meditation in Genkou-An I went to FUNAOKA ONSEN and having dinner with beer it is very luxury time!! I really recomend you to bring a change of cloth!

SUGAMACHI SHOKUDO Japanese local food they have vegitarian menu as well

I thought I wanted to come back when I was in top of mountains....But I will come back because there are maintains to hike. ; )



Anonymous said…
Just finished the same trail today in two jours fifteen minutes. Lol

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