Hi there!!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.
It's getting cold hard to choose my clothes every day.
Coz it's a bit chilly in the morning but heat up in the day time....

As it gets colder,I begin to long for a nice and warm bath.
Although there is a bath room in my apartment,but if I fill the bathtub with hot water every night,
My monthly charges for utilities would be high...

So at that time I always got to SENTO near my apartment.
Have you hear of SENTO??
Sento is a public bath.Each sent has two big rooms that separate male and female.
People are required to wash themselves first and then they can take bath in a bit bathtub to relax
and also sometimes communicate with other local people.

There is typical japanese sent near J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.
It cast 400yen per person.
This sento is not so big ,you could feel more relaxing than taking shower.
You can by a body wash,shampoo and towel there.But normally people brings own stuff there.

Even if you got a tatoo,you can bath at sento(except Super Sento)!!No need to be worry :-)
After you bath at sent,there is nice Yakitori restaurant nearby,Why don't you drink Sake and have a good food?


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