Tokyo as the next destination from Kyoto

 Some of our guests visit Tokyo as the next destination after staying in Kyoto Hana Hostel. So, I would like to introduce some tourist information in Tokyo as the next destination from Kyoto to you!

 I have sometimes visited Tokyo for my business trip and holiday. I think a night bus or the Shinkansen Line is the best as a means of transportation from Kyoto to Tokyo.

 There are various night buses from Kyoto Station to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo (I will recommend you to make a reservation in advance!!). They are good transports for those who wish to save money or have enough time to stay in Japan. I think it takes about six or seven hours to get there by bus.

 On the other hand, we can take the Shinkansen such as Nozomi, Hikari, and Kodama as another method of going to Tokyo. I actually like going there on the Nozomi Shinkansen, having an “Ekiben” (Lunchbox) on the train

Tokyo Station
Do you remember Tokyo station was redecorated last year?
Like Osaka station, the area around Tokyo Station has been developed together with new buildings for shopping.
Tokyo station is a unique brick building like Amsterdam Central Station. It was redecorated last year. I feel relaxed whenever I see the building. 
Marunouchi Gate, Tokyo Station
The new spot for modern Japanese scenery
 I think Tokyo Station is convenient to visit various places such as Shinjuku for drinking and shopping, Akihabara as the birthplace of  “Otaku” by JR Yamanote-Line (Circle line) and some amusement parks like Tokyo Disney Resort by JR Keiyo or Musashino Line, linking to Tokaido Line toward Kyoto.
Then, as you know, there is Tokyo Skytree which was opened last May as a new sightseeing spot in Tokyo. It seems the highest radio tower in the world now. The view from “Tenbo Gallaria” is splendid indeed! Next to the tower, there is an aquarium, Sumida Suizokukan!  It is the good place worth visiting! 
Tokyo Skytree: what a high tower it is!
A fantastic view from the tower
Sumida Aquarium: This penguin is swimming as if he flied in the sky.
I will visit Tokyo again to meet my friends in November. I will update my blog about Tokyo next time.


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