What you can do on rainy days are・・・

        Hello!I’m Hiro from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

       If you couldn’t go outside and do sightseeing because of rain…

I’m sure that you feel depressing.
But you don’t have to be boring!!

We have many kinds of fun indoor activities for rainy days here in Japan!!

Today, I will recommend some activities that you can have fun on rainy days.

If you like to sing, you should go there!
They have thousands of songs.
Most of them are Japanese, but there are almost always English, Korean, and Chinese songs as well!

☆Go to an entertainment center☆
You can do just about anything like bowling, billiard, darts, ping-pong, and so on!
Here’s my favorite spot as follow:

☆Go to a relaxation-spa☆
Relaxation spa is a public bath which has many kinds of bath like open-air bath, sauna, Jacuzzi bath, and so on.
You can finish off the day with a relaxing!

Most large cities have underground shopping complex, department stores around main station.
You can spend a day and enjoy shopping and a variety of foods!

We have many other things to do on rainy days here in Japan,but I hope you find it informative!!


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